Our specialist clinical team has provided information on a range of orthopaedic conditions and the latest surgical techniques and what to expect from your treatment.




The knee is one of the most complex joints of the human body comprising the joints between the femur, tibia, patella and the tibiofibular joint. Injury to the knee is very common in sports and day to day life and knee arthritis is an increasing problem worldwide.

The Oswestry Orthopaedic knee surgeons are experts in dealing with all knee injuries, problems and conditions from sporting injuries through to the treatment of arthritis. The information on this website covers the common knee problems and conditions.


Micro fracture

Cell therapy

High tibial osteotomy

Femoral osteotomy

Cartilage regeneration surgery (as above)

Partial joint replacement

Total joint replacement

Foot & Ankle


Hand & Elbow


Childrens Conditions